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Jonny Chronic

Jonny Chronic - Acapulco Gold 1x3.5g >S

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Acapulco Gold from Jonny Chronic is a potent sativa strain that produces big beautiful buds that glisten with trichome-covered leaves and copper-orange pistils. Acapulco Golds is a Landrace that originates from Central America and is dominant in terpinene, caryophyllene, myrcene. Acapulco Gold plants are grown with the utmost care in small batches before they are hang-dried, slow-cured, and delicately hand-trimmed and then packaged fresh to preserve their true elegance.



About the Brand


If there’s one phrase to describe Jonny Chronic, it’s “old school”, and that’s not only because we cultivate cannabis with genetics that pay homage to premium landrace cultivars. Our operations are also in an old school that one Ontario family converted into a licensed cultivation facility.

Jonny Chronic has deep roots in farming crops and cultivating cannabis, and our lineup of elusive and sought after genetics is impressing consumers and cannaseurs in Ontario and across Canada.


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