The Rockstar high is characterized by strong-hitting effects without the sedation that typically comes with an indica parent. It starts with a cerebral head rush a few minutes after toking that leaves you uplifted and extremely happy. Rockstar is said to be perfect for treating chronic pain, muscle spasms or tremors, inflammation, and mild to moderate cases of depression.

Master Kush

Master Kush is among the strongest plants in the world, one of the best-known strains, winner of two Cannabis Cup awards, and a personal favorite of Snoop Dogg. The dominant feeling while high is one of total relaxation, along with euphoria. This makes it a good treatment for sleeplessness. Other conditions that benefit from Master Kush include anxiety, mental health problems, and migraines.

Incredible Bulk

With a myriad of well-balanced and potent effects, Incredible Bulk is made to please any level of user experience! From the first toke you’ll be hit with a motivating and uplifting cerebral head high that leaves you euphoric and focused with creative inspiration. This mental stimulation will slowly ebb into a spacey introspective state. Because of these effects, Incredible Bulk is ideal for treating chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, and migraines or headaches.

Blue Cheese

As its name suggests, it tastes strongly of blue cheese, giving it a flavor distinct from other Cheese varieties. The high will often lead to a mix of joy and euphoria with deep-body relaxation. Blue Cheese is a good choice when treating anxiety, depression, or pain, but it also works well on migraines, PTSD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. Insomniacs can find strong relief in this strain as well.

Pink Kush

Pink Kush, as coveted as its OG Kush relative, is an indica-dominant hybrid with powerful body-focused effects. In its exceptional variations, pink hairs burst from bright green buds barely visible under a blanket of sugar-like trichomes, with traces of a sweet vanilla and candy perfume. The potency of this strain could be considered overpowering, and even small doses are known to eliminate pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.


Hashberry has a flavor just like you’d expect – hash and sweet berries! The high comes very soon after exhale with a creeping euphoria that builds in your chest before pulling your mood and mind into a state of relaxed bliss. This head high is pretty mellow in nature, allowing for the calming body high to take center stage. Hashberry is great for any user suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and appetite loss or nausea.

Mataro Blue

The effects of Mataro Blue come on easily, starting with a tingly effect in the back of the head and neck. This buzzing quickly spreads through your mind, lifting you into an active and stimulating state of euphoria that’s oddly relaxing. As this tingle spreads throughout your body, you’ll start to feel more and more relaxed, falling into a happy and calming body high that leaves you slightly sedated and pretty hungry. Thanks to these effects, Mataro Blue is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, depression, appetite loss, chronic stress, and insomnia.

Purple Berry

Purple Berry is derived from Granddaddy Purple and Blueberry Kush. This dank bud is great for relaxing at home and winding down after a long day. Don't expect to get much done though. This is a heavy indica for sure, but many users report that it is less sedative and allows for some mental alertness while providing a strong body buzz. Purple Berry has been shown to help with stress, anxiety, eating disorders and pain.

Black Ice

Black Ice is infamous for its euphoric, yet sedative, couch-locked high that still leaves you functional. In other words, you'll be lethargic, but you won't feel as if you are completely tied to your couch. Because of these relaxing, sedative effects, Black Ice is ideal for treating conditions such as back pain, insomnia, and stress as well as mood swings and manic depression.


G-13 is popular for its ability to give whole body pain relief with negligible fatigue and a feeling of heaviness. G-13 is known to ease to muscle spasms as well as temper improving effects of this strain would help the patients fight depression, anxiety and stress. Furthermore, this is also used by the patients to withstand the effects of seizures, nausea and eating disorders.

Monster OG

With a THC profile that can stretch past 26 percent, Monster OG’s effects come on strong to relax muscles, soothe pains, relieve stress, increase the appetite, and promote rest.

Honey Kush

Honey Kush can found in the California collective scene. It is a cross of Nebula, which may earn the nickname "Honey Pot" for it's sweet smell and distinctively honey fruit flavor, and a traditional OG Kush pheno-type. The Nebula side is mostly made of White Widow. This variety is a top tasty smoke, even for the veteran stoner.

Monster Cookie

Monster Cookies is a strain created as a powerful cross of Girl Scout Cookies X Granddaddy Purple strains. The Monster Cookies high starts with a slowly building creeping heady effect that washes over your body, leaving you warmed and utterly pain free. Because of these powerful effects, Monster Cookies is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress or anxiety, and mild to moderate cases of depression.


Comatose OG is one of the more popular medical strains. With a thick aroma of musty berries and pine, the smell and taste of this strain are as strong as the effects themselves. Comatose is a great strain for people with insomnia, physical aches and pains, as well as depression. The strong sedating effects will relax the mind and body, don’t plan on doing anything too complex after you smoke.

Bubba Candy

If you're craving a sweet smoke that leaves you relaxed, then Bubba Candy is for you. Many patients prefer this strain due to its ability to alleviate insomnia, depression, stress, and/or ADD/ADHD. Although it can relieve many ailments, it is not a daytime strain; that is unless you plan on sleeping your day away.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick is created by crossing White Widow and Haze. The heavy sativa genes create a strongly euphoric, creative high with an upbeat mood. The effects are great in treating depression, anxiety, pain, and muscle spasms. Moby Dick can also alleviate lack of appetite. The overall effect is clear-headed but relaxing. The dominant smell and flavor when smoking Moby Dick is citrusy.

Purple Candy

The body-centered high you can receive from Purple Candy is calming and euphoric, with a boost of happiness. It can also lead to a powerful case of the munchies, which makes it great for fighting eating disorders. Purple Candy can also be used to treat anxiety, depression, fatigue, migraines and other headaches, and insomnia.


God Bud is a widely popular and loved cannabis that's known for giving the user an intense feeling of uplifting and euphoria, creative energy, and an overwhelming sense of relaxation, without overwhelming side effects. God Bud is widely used as a treatment for chronic pain, stress, and anxiety, and it's also prescribed as a treatment for severe depression in higher doses.

Pink Bubba

Bubba Pink is a mostly indica strain that is said to combine genetics from Bubba Kush and Pink Kush. Earthy pine flavors lead the way with slight floral highlights that bring out this strain’s sweet notes. Perhaps best saved for evening use, Bubba Pink delivers a body-melting blast of physical relaxation alongside dreamy euphoria. Indica-dominant Organic Pink Bubba Kush will help soothe pain, provide cancer symptom relief, help with insomnia, and stimulate appetite. It is a greatly potent and greatly recommended strain with high THC and CBD levels and a sweet aroma. With a buzz that starts with the head before easing into the body, it makes for a good evening strain for stress relief, sleep, relaxation, or a lazy weekend.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush boasts a slowly-mounting high that begins as a sense of physical relaxation and then progresses toward a state of mental fogginess. Users will feel a heavy sensation in the limbs and head and may not want to be especially active. Hindu Kush works well as a numbing agent for chronic pain, an anti-nausea treatment, and as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. Hindu Kush is particularly helpful for users with insomnia, as large enough doses can induce sleep.