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Cannabis flower, gummies, and brownies.

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Nov 21, 2023

A Little Bud Whistler is your source for quality weed edibles, including brownies, gummies, drinks, and more.

Looking for Cannabis Edibles in Whistler?

Whether you’re just visiting or you make your home in Whistler, if you’re looking for high-quality, unique weed edibles, check out A Little Bud – Whistler’s first and only licensed cannabis dispensary. Locals know that A Little Bud is the place to go for innovative products, including craveable weed edibles of all kinds. Stop by the store today to browse our selection. Our knowledgeable, enthusiastic budtenders are always available to help you choose the perfect products for your unique preferences.

We carry cannabis products of all kinds and are always getting new edibles in stock. We prioritize quality, so you can expect to find plenty of weed-infused goodies made in small batches by local growers using all-natural ingredients. 


Looking for mouth-watering baked goods and chocolates infused with the highest quality cannabis? We have a variety of products to satisfy any sweet tooth. Try classic brownies and cookies, organic Black Forest chocolate, peanut butter cups, and more.


Whether you prefer classic sodas, fruit drinks, or subtle floral flavours, we have cannabis beverages suited to your tastes. More of a hot drink person? We’ve got you covered there too, with soothing teas and cozy hot cocoa.

Gummies & Chews

Cannabis-infused gummies and fruit chews are not only a delicious indulgence, they are also a very convenient option because you can grab them and take them on the go. We carry flavourful weed gummies and chews with a variety of THC/CBD content options so you can get the right dosage for you. If you prefer sweet fruit flavours or have a soft spot for sours, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our Whistler pot shop.


If you want the smokeless benefits of edibles without the calories, we also have a selection of capsules and tablets available. Many people choose capsules or tablets because they are so simple and convenient. We carry capsules and tablets that are high in CBD and low in THC for those who want the benefits of cannabis without the feeling of being high, and we also have a few options that are higher in THC if that’s your style.

Order Cannabis Delivery in Whistler

Want your edibles to arrive right at your doorstep in Whistler, BC? Try our same-day delivery service! Simply order your goodies online and they will come right to you later that day. You can shop our Whistler store’s entire stock online, so if you want edibles, topicals, flower, concentrates, or accessories, check out our online store and order now!

Order Same-Day Weed Delivery in Whistler

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