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Nov 27, 2023

If you are in Whistler looking for quality weed concentrates you can get delivered right to your door, A Little Bud’s got you covered. We carry a wide selection of concentrates, including shatter, live resin, diamonds, oil, and more.

Order Whistler Weed Delivery

We are proud to offer reliable same-day delivery in Whistler and the surrounding area. To get yours, simply browse our online store, choose the products you want, and go through the checkout process. Then sit back, relax, and wait for your concentrate delivery to arrive at your door later that same day! 


Quality Weed Concentrates in Whistler

We carry an array of cannabis concentrates from innovative Canadian brands. Here is what you can expect to find in store and online at A Little Bud Whistler.

Live Resin

Renowned for its aromatic and flavourful qualities, this concentrate is produced through a process similar to that of budder and wax, but distinguishes itself by utilizing freshly frozen plant material. Consequently, the final product boasts a terpene profile reminiscent of a live plant. Live resin has a glossy, moist texture with color variations from light amber to vibrant yellow-gold. 


Made via solvent extraction methods, sauce is distinguished by its liquid consistency. It can be derived from trim, buds, or freshly frozen cannabis. Sauce is renowned for its elevated terpene content, contributing to exceptionally robust flavor profiles.


Shatter is a brittle, amber-hued concentrate that can be broken into fragments. Produced through solvent-based extraction, it is suitable for consumption through a vape pen or dab rig. Shatter is typically favored by individuals seeking a potent product. It’s important to keep in mind that a small amount of shatter can have a significant impact, so start slow and work your way up.


Diamonds are small, highly potent concentrates with a crystalline texture. They are highly esteemed by cannabis enthusiasts and are recommended for individuals with prior experience in utilizing cannabis concentrates due to their potent nature. If you are a beginner, diamonds are probably not for you – start with something less potent first.


Hash, characterized by its dark green or brown hue and a firm yet pliable texture, is typically formed into a brick shape that can be easily broken apart by hand. The production process involves separating trichomes from the cannabis plant and compressing them repeatedly until they coalesce into a solid mass. Hash can be smoked on its own or combined with flower.


Oil is made by extracting cannabinoids from the cannabis plants and diluting them with a carrier oil. Oil is typically high in CBD and is popular with those who want the benefits of cannabis without the feeling of being high. Oil can be taken orally, sublingually, or added to food and drinks.


Rosin is a cannabis concentrate produced without the use of solvents. It is produced through a solventless extraction method involving a combination of heat and pressure. With the aid of a rosin press, the resinous sap is mechanically separated from the plant and gathered on parchment paper. Many people choose rosin because of its purity and versatility. Users can consume rosin in various ways, including vaping or dabbing.

Check out our online store today to find the cannabis concentrates you’ve been dreaming of and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Order now and get same-day delivery!

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