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A woman relaxing on a couch with her arms behind her head, taking a break after getting too high.

Cannabis Education Too High? Tips to Come Back Down

Jun 30, 2023

Uh oh, that nice high you had going has turned into something less pleasant. Here are three simple things you can do that may help you feel better and come back down to earth when you are feeling too high.

Take a Break

Find somewhere quiet where you can rest and relax on your own for a bit. Sometimes, when you are too high, things like crowds and noise can become very overwhelming. Try to find a quiet spot where you can be alone and sit down. Take a few deep breaths and just relax until you start to feel calm.

Redirect Your Focus

Sometimes, when you are feeling too high, that’s all you can think about. Unfortunately, fixating on the feeling of being high can just make it worse. Instead, find something you can redirect your focus on. Try petting your dog, doing something mindful like colouring, watching something pleasant (you can’t go wrong with cute animal videos), or solving a simple puzzle.


If you are feeling off after consuming cannabis, make sure that you drink plenty of water to hydrate yourself. This can help to alleviate dry mouth, flush your system, and give you a calming activity to focus on if you are feeling uncomfortably high.

How to Avoid Getting too High

These tips can help you feel better if you are too high, but the best thing you can do for yourself is take steps to prevent this from happening in the first place. To reduce the likelihood of feeling too high, always start slowly when using any cannabis products that are new to you. Even if you are a seasoned joint smoker, concentrates or other products might hit you surprisingly hard. Begin with a very small dose of any form of cannabis you haven’t tried before, and very slowly work your way up from there.

It is also a good idea to talk to our cannabis consultants. We are always happy to give our recommendations and tips on how to get started with new products, as well as which strains may be best for you.

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