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Scoop of live resin

Cannabis Education What is Live Resin?

Dec 01, 2022

Looking to change up how you’re getting your favourite strain? If edibles and smoke just aren’t doing it for you these days, why not try out a resin product? Let’s get into what resin is and how you can use it.

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What’s Live Resin?

Live resin is a special compound extracted from the flower during the harvest process. But what makes it special? A little something known as a terpene.

Terpenes are the sticky residue that you can find on the surface of the marijuana plant. They’re responsible for the aroma of the strain and generally get stronger as the THC concentration gets higher. Resin is known for having a high concentration of terpenes, because the process of creating it is a bit different than your usual cannabis product.

Live resin is essentially cannabis that is flash frozen with a chemical like butane or BHO (butane hash oil) and then separated from the cannabinoids. Because the plant is frozen, it doesn’t go through the normal process of drying and curing, which significantly reduces the amount of terpenes in the final product. By flash freezing, you don’t lose those terpenes and end up with a very high concentration of THC. The leftover terpenes are also what classifies it as “live” since they are still intact by the end of the freezing process.

Once you have the frozen plant, it’s a fairly simple process of removing the concentrated oil and you have live resin. If done correctly, you’ll have a saplike, sugary looking substance with a high THC content that is ready to use.

Want to try it out for yourself? We’ve got some great live resin in stock!

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How Can I Use Live Resin?

So you’re curious about resin, made your order, and it just showed up at your doorstep. Awesome! But how do you actually use it?

At first glance, resin might look like an edible, but it’s actually not. One of the most popular ways to consume resin is with dabs or vapes. Setting yourself up with a dab rig can be a bit of an investment, but there are plenty of options out there if you look around. They look pretty similar to bongs, with a chamber for the water and a mouthpiece to inhale from. Dab rigs can be standard or electrically heated, depending on your preference. But if getting a dab rig isn’t your thing or you want something a little more travel-friendly, resin vape pens are a great option, too.

If you want to stick to the classics, live resin also makes for a great addition to your regular blunts, joints, and bowls, to give it a little something extra. Sprinkle a little bit on before you light up and enjoy that high concentration kick.

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