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A bong next to a grinder, a lighter, and cannabis flower

Cannabis Education How to Pack a Bowl

Sep 26, 2023

Are you packing your bowl the right way? Whether you’re brand new to cannabis and learning to pack a bowl for the first time or have been doing this a long time and just want to improve your technique, we’ve got you covered.

Grind or Break Your Bud

Start by breaking or grinding your cannabis flower. Small, consistently sized pieces burn evenly, giving you a smoother smoking experience. Using a grinder is the easiest way to break down your bud into smaller, similar sized, pieces. Place your nug in the grinder’s chamber, put the cap on the grinder, and twist it back and forth to break up the bud. If you don’t have a grinder, you can use a good pair of clean scissors or break your bud by hand, just watch that your pieces are coming out about the same size.

Load the Bowl

Now it’s time to pack your bowl. Do this over a tray or container, so you don’t lose any flower if you spill some. Pick up some flower in your fingers and place it in the bowl, gently tamping it down with either your finger or the flat end of a lighter (just make sure it’s clean first). Repeat until the bowl is full. Make sure that you use a light touch and don’t pack it super tight. When you overload a bowl and pack it very tightly, you’re likely to clog the opening at the bottom of the bowl. How tightly you pack it will also depend on the size of your grind – the finer the grind, the looser you should pack your bowl.

Light Up!

Once you have loaded and gently packed your bowl, it’s time to light it up. Using a lighter or a hemp wick, carefully light the bowl from one side. Just hold the flame to the bowl for a couple of seconds, then let the embers light the rest of the bud. Inhale and enjoy yourself.

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