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Sep 05, 2023

Are your favourite smoking accessories looking a little worse for wear? Here are a few easy ways that you can keep them all clean.  

Cleaning Grinders 

Pulling apart the flowers by hand or cutting them up with your kitchen scissors obviously isn’t ideal. With a grinder, you can just pop in the bud, give it a few turns, and you’re ready to go! But all the residue is eventually going to gunk up the mechanism and it’ll need to be cleaned.

Depending on the kind of grinder you own, there are a few different ways to do it.  

The Freezer Method

If your grinder is metal and freezer-safe, take it apart and throw it in there for a few hours. Once all the sticky kief is frozen together, you can use a toothbrush to scrape it out and finish the job.

Isopropyl Alcohol Bath

Get a container and fill it with enough isopropyl alcohol to submerge your grinder. Take it apart and let it soak in there until the liquid looks muddy and all the stuck-on resin is loose. Give the pieces a good rinse and you’re ready to grind! 

Soap & Water

If your grinder is electric or plastic, you may not be able to freeze or soak it. In that case, a little warm water and dish soap does the job too.

Cleaning Bongs & Pipes 

No one wants a hit from a clogged-up pipe or a bong full of swamp water. So here’s an easy way to clean your pipe or bong. 

For small pieces like a pipe, get a pot and fill it with water. Bring it to a boil and let it sit long enough to break up all the residue. Just make sure to let it cool before you rinse it, otherwise, the glass could shatter completely. 

To clean anything bigger, you’ll need something large enough to soak it in. Using the sink isn’t ideal since the residue can be a pain to clean afterwards, so try to find a container. Take apart all the pieces and pour in enough isopropyl alcohol to completely submerge the pipe or bong. Add some coarse salt into the mix to help loosen up the stuck-on grime. Give it some time to soak and stir up the mixture a few times to make sure it’s thoroughly washed.

Rinse it out with warm water and repeat the process if necessary. Enjoy your next smoke with your sparkling clean equipment!

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