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Cannabis label on a a canned beverage.

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Nov 03, 2023

Do you understand everything on your cannabis label? It’s important to understand all of the info on your cannabis product label so that you can feel confident that you truly know what you’re consuming. Here are the basics of a typical label on any cannabis product and what it tells you.

Elements of a Typical Cannabis Label

Every cannabis product in Canada must use the same labelling requirements. Here’s what you can expect to find.

Standardized Cannabis Symbol

The red octagon with a white cannabis leaf in the middle and the letters “THC” is the standardized cannabis symbol. This is a required symbol on any product that contains more than 10 micrograms per gram of THC. When you purchase a cannabis product, the standardized cannabis symbol tells you that it is a legal product.

THC & CBD Content

The label will have information on how much THC and CBD is present in the product. It will list both the THC and CBD content in mg per unit, as well as the total amount of THC and CBD present in the entire package.

Brand Name & Logo

The brand name and logo of the cannabis brand will both appear on the label. This makes it easy to see who made the product you’re purchasing.

Health Warnings

You will see a yellow box on the label that contains health warnings. This is required to ensure that consumers are aware of the risks associated with the product they are buying.

If you notice that the label on your product does not contain all of this information, that’s an indicator that it may not be a legal product. To ensure that you are always buying high-quality, legal products that have been quality tested and include all the required information, shop at a reputable cannabis store like A Little Bud. We carry a wide variety of innovative cannabis products from local growers and are proud to offer same-day delivery service. 

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