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BC bud (cannabis flower) in a jar.

Cannabis EducationCommunity BC Bud: The History of Cannabis in British Columbia

Jul 31, 2023

If you live in BC (or even if you don’t), you probably know that the province is famous for its quality cannabis. Here is a quick primer on how BC bud came to be and why our province is synonymous with good weed.

Cannabis Culture & Cultivation in BC

In the 1960s, BC was a major hub for conscientious objectors in the United States fleeing the draft during the Vietnam War. These folks tended to be members of left-wing, radical communities and hippie culture, and cannabis use was a part of that culture. Many of these people began growing their own cannabis when they moved to BC. Draft dodger communities cropped up all over the province, but were especially dense in the Gulf Islands, the Kootenays, and the Fraser Valley.

It wasn’t just the influx of American draft dodgers to the province that made BC a hub for growing cannabis – the geography had a lot to do with it as well. BC’s climate, rainfall, and soil are all particularly good for growing cannabis.

This combination of ideal environmental conditions and a community of cannabis users is what solidified British Columbia as a leader in cannabis production.

The Origin of BC Bud

“BC Bud” was originally the name of a beer made by the BC company Coast Breweries in 1931. The beer was not associated with cannabis in any way, but during the prohibition era it was popular in the United States, and the name stuck and later became used for another illicit import that was well-loved in the US: cannabis.

Since its origins, BC bud has been cultivated and improved by innovative growers throughout the province. British Columbia is still home to some of the most world-renowned cannabis. Check out our shop to try out some of our favourite local products and celebrate BC.

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