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A cannabis plant

Cannabis Education The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant

Aug 25, 2023

Do you really know your bud? Here’s a quick guide to the anatomy of a cannabis plant.


Sugar Leaves

These are the small leaves that the buds form around. They are usually covered in resin and can be used to make cannabis extracts and other products.

Fan Leaves

When you picture a cannabis leaf, you probably picture a fan leaf. These are the leaves that are (you guessed it!) fan shaped and large, with very little or no resin. They are usually discarded in the trimming process.


The buds (also known as the flowers) of a cannabis plant are the main parts of the plant used for consumption because they have a high content of cannabinoids (THC and CBD). Cannabis buds only grow on female plants.


These minute structures are one of the most important parts of the cannabis plant. Trichomes are the tiny, hair-like structures that cover a cannabis bud. They are translucent, long, and skinny with a bulbous head, a bit like a tiny mushroom in shape. Trichomes contain terpenes and the cannabinoids THC and CBD, giving cannabis much of its potency and aroma.

Pistil & Stigma

The pistils are the reproductive parts of the plant, located within the flower. They are long and skinny and project outwards, often curving or coiling. The stigmas are the hair-like structures located on the pistils that collect pollen from the male plants. The stigmas start out white and change to yellow, orange, red, or brown as the plant matures.

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