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A Little Bud. Cannabis stores in
Whistler, White Rock and Summerland, BC.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Phoenix LipinskiPhoenix Lipinski
00:05 15 Aug 23
Shoutout to this place. Good little shop, been shopping here 2+ years. Always have attendants available to help. They’ve got a good core of staff, including Carmen, who’s actually genuine about the info she’s feeding you, not just trying to win a few dollar tip.
Rebecca D'AgnilliRebecca D'Agnilli
23:47 11 Aug 23
Carmen is your girl!!!! Fully knowledgeable on ALL THINGS!!
Pretty mediocre GuyPretty mediocre Guy
05:28 15 Jul 23
Amazing place.. one of the best. I actually mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say this, Jake is the best retail staff I ever witnessed in my entire lifetime, PERIOD. Thanks for patiently telling everything, very detail oriented and with a genuine smile.
Erika BazyErika Bazy
06:28 25 Jun 23
DENVER IS AMAZING!!!I’m coming from out of province and picking and because I was picking a new location, I was a little nervous.Denver had the perfect suggestions and helped out my first timer friend. He suggested the peanut butter cups and they did not let down! No aftertaste or anything at all. So not only are you getting a great product but beyond excellent service. Thank you Denver!!!
Valerie MadillValerie Madill
20:22 06 May 23
I just loved this store!The girl was warm and bubbley making it even more pleasant to shop.She led me to what I was looking for!☺Prices were not to bad for being in Whiterock!
Dominic FariaDominic Faria
20:46 21 Sep 20
One of the best dispensaries I've been to, extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff, great friendly atmosphere. My first purchase here was for some nice CBD bud, I suffer from Central Pain Syndrome which attacks my central nervous system, it's a chronic pain condition that's degenerative. It used to take me 1-2 hrs after waking up to be able to move and function, which as one could imagine for work is highly annoying when one already has to be up early. Since using their product it has been night and day, I smoke twice a day, morning and evening, and now when I wake up not only am I up an out of bed after a mere 20 minutes, but the relief lasts all day, I will be a repeat customer, and can't thank these guys enough for their product, in my line of work with heavy lifting I can't afford to be limited by pain, nor to push through it and pay for it later. Thank you for being a great dispensary and having amazing staff! I look forward to a long history with you guys.

In-Store Or Local DeliveryCome experience a different kind of dispensary.For Newcomers and Enthusiasts

We’re the perfect place to explore cannabis. Sharing knowledge and recommendations about the benefits of cannabis is not only a requirement of our work—it’s a passion for each member on our team. We love the product, and we love getting to know our customers so that we can find the perfect strain to meet your needs. If you’re ever unsure, we’re here to help. That’s why all of our cannabis strains are on display so you can see and smell the options. Let’s find the best product for you.

People walking along the beach of White Rock Pier, BC

Meet the BudsCommitted to our little community.We aren’t your average dispensary

As White Rock’s first and only licensed non-medical cannabis retail store, we’re passionate about taking the product and community to new heights. We’ve created a space that provides trust, knowledge, and genuine connection—and we believe in the importance of giving back.

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